ACCHMA - Alameda Council of Community Mental Health Agencies

ACCMHA Members


The Alameda Council of Community Mental Health Agencies (ACCMHA) is an association of California nonprofits that contract with Alameda County Behavioral Health (ACBH) to provide mental health and co-occurring disorder services for the county's eligible children, transition age youth, adults, older adults, and their families.

ACCMHA has existed since 1975 primarily to advocate on behalf of its member agencies and their clients with ACBH, other bodies of county and state government, and non-governmental organizations. The Council also:

  • Promotes the wide availability of diversified mental health services to meet the needs of Alameda County residents;
  • Provides leadership in transforming the mental health system to a client- and family-driven, community- and culturally-responsive system focused on wellness, recovery, and resilience;
  • Advocates for the enhancement and expansion of nonprofit, community-based mental health services in Alameda County;
  • Promotes preventive mental health services and community education regarding mental health issues;
  • Advocates for adequate funding of local mental health services;
  • Advocates for mental health services to be provided in the most appropriate environments; and
  • Provides a forum for the sharing of resources, information, and expertise among member community agencies.

Nearly 90% of behavioral health services delivered to Alameda County residents are provided by contract agencies. A significant percentage of them are ACCMHA nonprofits, which were created to address the area's unique multi-cultural mental health needs. Most of the county's culturally-relevant and language-specific services are offered by ACCMHA members.

ACCMHA agencies help improve the county's system of care by providing the highest quality innovative services, by maintaining close connections to their local communities and their service needs, and by adding significant resources to the system through their fundraising efforts and the leveraging of state and federal funds.

ACCMHA's Executive Director leads and coordinates Council activities and represents the association. Contact the E.D., Dennis Romano, MSW, by email at or by calling 925-235-3500.